10 Best Insulated Beverage Containers

Everyone has heard the old rule of drinking eight 8 ounces glasses of water a day but that has become an increasingly difficulty task for the busy one the go person who wants to be Eco-friendly.

Buying an insulated beverage container could be the answer to meeting this water requirement and for helping people who need their hot coffee to keep them going throughout the day. Whichever problem one has everyone will come to the same question when they talk with friends: Which insulated beverage contain is best, “hydro flask vs yeti”. Many do not understand that there are many other containers to look at when deciding on what bottle is best for you.

Here is a list of the ten best insulated beverage containers on the market today according to customer reviews, style, price, and design. 

Thermos, Stanley, Takeya, Hydro Flask, and Klean Kanteen are all in the top five brands that can keep your drink cold for 24 hours or move and keep it hot for 6 hours or more. They each have high ratings with slick designs that make a personalized drinking experience for each user.

Each of the mentioned insulated beverage containers can be found for $28 of less. When researching these brands, it is difficult to find a negative review. Customers seem to love the technology, size, and quality of these bottles and the recommendation rate for the bottles are high. 

Avex Brazos, MIIR, S’well, Yeti, and Snow Peak are not to be counted out when looking at the top ten containers. These brands are highly competitive in their product offering. Though, they are somewhat more expensive than the before listed brands, they are still affordable and worth the investment.

These Insulated beverage container brands also have a full list of assets that make them highly competitive in their market and hold their value. These brands are each easy to clean, dish washer safe and rate high with consumers. 

So, if you are in the market for a reusable water bottle and find yourself wondering “hydro flask vs yeti” keep in mind that you cannot go wrong with either brand. Both have great consumer reviews and will keep your beverage at enjoyable temperatures for long periods of time so take your time and decide which design is best for you.

Also, think outside the box and consider researching some of the other top ten brands and you may be able to get your eight ounces of water everyday and your coffee too.

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