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10 Food Blogs To Jump Start Your Kitchen Creativity

It’s a dangerous line, skimming trough food blogs in your off time. One minute you are totally inspired to launch your cooking career, the next moment you’re intimidated by the uber-successful double career “blog as a hobby” (yeah, right), bloggists who are so winning the internet with their food porn. In a third moment almost synchronous with the first two you are simply starving, because let’s face it, it’s been a long day and those maple pecan tartlets that “who’s who” of the blogging world matted on the perfect backdrop, are calling to you! Darn the conflicting emotions.

Let’s all take a deep breath and settle down into appreciation mode. Some of the best food blogs have emerged from the most limiting situations. Tiny kitchens, cramped apartments, remote locations and just plain broke students, are cranking out gorgeous photography and ingenious recipe adaptations. Desperation truly can breed creativity. Here are 10 food blogs meant not to intimidate you, but inspire with creative photography and good cooking sense.

i Am A Food Blog
Coming in under the category of “Wild”, i Am A Food Blog’s take on recipes is somewhat whimsical, with Totoro toasts and cotton candy making more than one appearance. Whether you’re wanting homemade fudgesicle brownie pops, or “scoobi doo pasta”, blog owner “Steph” lends her blue haired twist to all dishes. She’s fun and she has been honored with a Saveur magazine award for best cooking blog.

Rasa Malaysia
Rasa Malaysia has been around since 2006 and offers a wide variety of recipe options, with a decidedly Asian flare. Probably the most compelling reason to follow this blog is the various easy recipes for everyday meals. Feeling dinner doldrums? Rasa Malaysia has a fix.

Smitten Kitchen
This food blog has been a stronghold for several years now. Deb Perelman started her food blog as a hobby and continues it now as a fulltime career. She even has a cookbook. Deb’s recipes are can-do and inspiring and watching her blog is worth your time. She, like many New York bloggers, find inspiration in the smallest of places, her 24-square foot kitchen.

Two Red Bowls
Ugh, somehow the author of two red bowls is ALSO a junior lawyer at some amazing legal firm. How, how I ask you, can she get it all in? Never mind, her site is delish and she clearly has a knack for creating Dutch Masters style photographs of her creations.

Broke Ass Gourmet
Yes, you’ll find thrifty answers to your weekly meals here, but also inspiring and accessible foods to get you cooking – mostly on a budget. They are worth a glance.

Not Eating Out in New York
In the “damn those veggies look fine” category is, Not Eating Out in New York. Inspiring reasons to stay home and cook, no matter how small your kitchen.

The Thirsty Wench
Here’s a fun one just in case you don’t feel like cooking, but instead learning up on the vast world of beer. She’s edgy and fun, and worth taste testing a read while stirring your favorite pasta sauce.

Minimalist Baker
Hate washing a million bowls? Don’t want to buy 400 ingredients just to make hummus? Minimalist baker is your go to blog. She’s creating wholesome and hearty recipes with simple structures.

The Pioneer Woman
It wouldn’t be a blog round up if we didn’t mention The Pioneer Woman. She’s turned a farm front blog into a cooking and lifestyle empire on the Food Network. If nothing else you’ll be inspired by her flowy flowered prints and beautiful photography.

David Lebovitz – Living the sweet life in Paris
If for no other reason than to magically transport you to the mecca of cuisine, read David Lebovitz and follow his blog. Lebovitz is himself an experienced chef and author who has lovingly documented his life in France. Yum.

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