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6 Things That Could Happen If You Stop Drinking Soda

Soda is definitely something to talk about and believe it or not it’s been quite a hot topic lately. Since all of these soda companies are developing new and improved flavors with some of the most tastiest fizz on Earth. One has to wonder, is that sweet bubbly sensation all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, of course not. But like anything else, too much of something can’t always be good. Soda may not be the best beverage to consume, so ideally there are lots of benefits from not drinking it and you won’t believe what they are.

Here’s 6 things that could happen if you stop drinking soda and some just might surprise you:

Possibility of Living Four Years Longer

No surprise that soda drinkers have shorter telomeres ( component in the white blood cells) which means that non-soda drinkers have an average lifespan of four years longer than soda drinkers, according to a study by The American Journal of Public Health. Making quitting a sure bet.

Evident Weight Loss

The average person who stops drink sugary sodas and switches to that good ole water, has managed to eliminate more calories in a day, leading to pounds falling off in no time. Keep in mind a 12-ounce soda can carries 120 calories, so if you’re guzzling 3 cans a day, that’s already 360 calories. Might as well eat a sandwich, right or wrong?

Preserve Your Pearly Whites

Well in a nutshell, sugar often equals tooth decay. The less soda a person drinks, the less staining to your teeth and more protection to the enamel. Ultimately, a win win situation.

Fewer Colds to Catch

I know it sounds insane. What does soda have to do with getting a cold? Well, the more sodas that a person consumes, the more you reduce white blood cells to fight off the germs. Who knew?

Less Bathroom Runs

Ever wonder why you are always taking bathroom breaks? Caffeine is a diuretic, so of course that means it helps to produce urination, so when you drink less, no need to run out of the conference room in a panic or worry about getting stuck in traffic.

Bring on the Headaches

Dropping a bad habit like drinking soda, seems pretty easy, but the reality is that there are some side effects and one of the leading ones are headaches at least for one to two days. So quitting cold turkey after years of drinking it might not be the easiest. Seems like Tylenol or Advil may need to be on deck.

There you have it so many reasons to become a non-soda drinker, but who could actually commit? Only time will tell.

By: Laura Yarborough

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