What is ExchangeBook?

ExchangeBook is the original user-generated & community-curated gallery showcasing recipes, food, restaurants and dishes from everyday people, everywhere.

ExchangeBook’s goal is to be the premier online Food/Beverage community where influential chefs, amateur chefs, cooks, foodies, everyday people and restaurant owners can connect and inspire each other with their own dishes and recipes. ExchangeBook reaches a large, passionate audience of Chefs, Cooks, Restaurant Owners and just everyday people who have a passion for cooking unseen by any other site, blog or magazine.

All of our recipes and restaurant reviews are posted by members like you. The most active member with inspiring/original recipes of the week – gets featured on our main page as well as on our Facebook page. You also have to ability to direct message other members, friend request other members, add a picture to your profile and favorite your favorite recipes or content. The most recent completerecipes are published to the main page.

What can I use Exchange book for?

  • Find inspiration from original chefs, foodies and everyday people from all around the world
  • Share the art of your style of cooking and original recipes with a global audience
  • Collect and favorite recipes you love
  • Discover new recipes, chefs and new restaurants for any occasion.
  • Explore recipes, restaurant reviews and see how others develop recipes and rate their favorite cooks and places to eat.
  • Discuss food-related topics in the forum
  • Meet like-minded foodie-enthusiasts online and offline
  • Build a following for your blog, portfolio, restaurant, etc
  • (Re)invent or (re)define your cooking style through inspiration and interaction with the community

What is a “Recipe categories with icons”?

This allows you to go directly to the recipe food category you are looking by just clicking the different icons.

What is “Recipes”?

This is where all the recipes from our members are located. All the latest recipes are featured on the main page.

What is “Reviews”?

This section is dedicated to providing reviews for restaurants and bars around the country, and the world. By clicking the “Reviews” button you can rate your best and worst restaurant experiences for any occasion.This is a useful tool to help you find a restaurant near you for any occasion.

What is Forums?

In addition to reviews and recipes, you can create your own food related discussion in our open Forum. Be careful what you talk about, lets keep it about food please.

Can anyone post Recipes or rate your favorite restaurant?

Yes — all you need is an Exchange Book account!

Can I share an account with my SO, bff, or siblings?

Sorry, no. In order to guarantee a unique voice and vote for each individual and ensure consistency within the community, an account cannot be occupied by more than one person.

How do I keep track of recipes I like?

After you view a recipe in the section next to the recipes you have the ability to like your favorite recipes by hitting the “Favorite” button with a heart next to it. To see a collection of all the recipes you liked go to your Profile page, Click on the recipes tab and there you will see a collection of all the recipes you “favorited”

How do I post a Recipe?

In the top right-had corner you can click on the “Submit a Recipe” and fill in the fields and the recipe categories. Be sure to always add a picture to your recipe. Recipes with out photos are not usually approved.

How do I post a Review?

In the top right-had corner you can click on the “Submit a Review” and fill in the fields and the occasion categories. Be sure to always add a picture to your Review. Be honest about your restaurant experience because you can edit once you submit it.

How do I edit or delete a Recipe?

Click on Edit Recipe to the top left of the main photo of the Recipe.

Are there any rules regarding what I can post?

Yes, in fact, there are 9 of them. To maintain the integrity of the community, our administrators will delete/not approve any recipe that doesn’t follow those rules.

Are there any tips on how to take good pictures?

Yes, check out our blog post on how to improve the quality of your looks!

How can I be featured on Exchange Book’s home page and build up my reputation?

  1. Post good/complete recipes, reviews and post frequently
  2. Follow all rules for posting recipes or you will actually lower your reputation!
  3. Interact and participate within the community
  4. Don’t spam, offend, or troll

Where can I get an Exchange Book badge?

You can get one here: https://www.exchangebook.net/badges

How does the Latest Recipe page work?

The “Latest Recipes” page displays currently popular recipes, determined by the community and time of posting. If your recipes gainsa large amount of traffic within a short amount of time, your recipe will stick to the top of the list. To stay fresh, the “Latest Recipes” page features mostly recipes posted within the last 24-48 hours.

How does the home page work?

The home page displays 2 sections of most recent recipes posted by members and blog posts written by our community of food writers and enthusiast, featured members are invited to blog as a guest chef blogger for the month.
Featured recipes — Recipes posted by more active members who have earned a high amount of reputation.
Latest recipes — looks posted by members with low to medium reputation. Note: 90% of all submitted recipes are under this section.
Latest post — is where you can find our daily blog, latest news upcoming events etc..

What if I see a recipe that breaks the rules of Exchangebook?

When you see a recipe that breaks the rules, email the exchangebook team at info@exchangebook.net. It will be reviewed by our site moderators or deleted automatically.

What should I do in case of spam, offensive, or negative content?

Please flag any spam, offensive, or negative comments you find. We will review all flagged content for violation of our Terms of Service and ban offenders when necessary.

I have a great idea for Exchange Book! Who do I talk to?

We’d love to hear what you’ve got! Please email your suggestions to info@exchangebook.net or fill out our contact form.

Anything else we didn’t cover?

You can always reach us at info [at] exchangebook.net 
Happy Cooking!


The Folks @ ExchangeBook.