America’s All-Nacho Inspired Restaurant Open Now

After years of brainstorming, sleepless nights with not one nacho in sight.  America finally gets their wish granted. That’s right! America’s very own nacho-inspired restaurant that exclusively serves all-nachos is now open. Nachoria was once a thought to Nick Swinmurn, the creator of Zappos. According to SFGate, Swinmurn has been contemplating this nacho-inspired restaurant since 1998. He even trademarked the word Notchos. Since his success with Zappos, Swinmurn has found plenty of ways to spend his fortune and Nachoria is definitely one of them, along with opening a fitness club and buying a minor league soccer team, but hey who could blame him?

Nachoria serves tons of nachos, but what makes this restaurant so cool are the toppings. Taking a Chipotle-type approach, customers are given a choice of meat: shrimp, carnitas, pollo and carne asada and carnitas. Instead of using guac and refried beans, Nachoria offers caramelized onions, queso fresco, green onions, housemade cheese and fire-roasted red peppers. Talk about a grand selection of nacho goodness.

Swinmurn could be considered a nacho enthusiast. Nachoria known as the “purveyors of the Triangular Arts.” The first of possibly many, Nachoria opened their doors for the first time two weeks ago in Burlingame, California. This restaurant sounds like a super genius idea. Let’s be honest, can you really go wrong with nachos?

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