Apple City Barbecue


Apple City Barbecue

The ribs made by Mike Mills’s Apple City Barbecue team using this recipe won first place at Memphis in May, the “Super Bowl of Swine,” in 1990 and 1992.


Although the instructions here may be a little beyond casual backyard cooking, I know more than a handful of Serious Eaters out there will want to try it. If you’re lucky and have a summer Saturday or Sunday free, this World Championship Ribs recipe is just the thing to fill it.


10 TB Black pepper
10 TB Paprika
5 TB Chili powder
5 TB Red pepper
5 TB Garlic powder
3 tb Celery salt
1 TB Dry mustard
——————FINISH SAUCE———————
32 oz Hunt’s Ketchup
8 oz Soy sauce
4 oz Worcestershire sauce
1 TB Garlic powder
8 oz Apple cider vinegar
4 oz Apple juice
1 TB White pepper or to taste


Procedures :
Mix dry rub ingredients. Rub into pork ribs. Put rubbed ribs
into the refrigerator for 4 to 10 hours before cooking. Bring sauce ingredients to a
boil. Then add in finely grated onion, 1
grated medium Golden Delicious apple and 1/4 grated small bell
pepper. Cook until desired thickness. Cook prepared ribs for
about 5 1/2 to 7 hours over charcoal kept at 180 to 200 degrees.
Baste occasionally with warm apple juice. Use soaked applewood
chips in the fire to create a sweet flavor. About 30 minutes
before serving, brush ribs with finish sauce. Right before
serving, sprinkle on dry rub. Serve sauce on the side.

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