BBQ Chicken Salad Recipe

BBQ Chicken Salad
BBQ Chicken Salad

BBQ Chicken Salad Recipe

BBQ Chicken Salad

Easy, delicious and less than 15 minutes to make – the perfect end-of-summer salad bowl!</p>



8 oz boneless skinless chicken breast

1/2 tsp reduced sodium Montreal Chicken Seasoning

cooking spray

2 cups chopped Romaine lettuce

2 small tomatoes, diced

1 corn on the cobb with the husk

2 tbsp Skinny Ranch Dressing (<a href=””>homemade</a> or store bought)

1 tbsp BBQ Sauce such as <a href=”;utm_source=Blog&amp;utm_medium=SocialMedia&amp;utm_content=SkinnytasteSummerRecipes” rel=”nofollow”>Harry &amp; David Raspberry Chipotle</a>



Season the chicken with Montreal chicken seasoning (or any seasoned salt). Cook chicken on a grill or grill pan sprayed with oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes on each side, or until the chicken is cooked through in the center. Transfer to a cutting board and slice thin.

Place the corn in the microwave for 4 minutes (or you can peel and boil in water for 5 minutes). Peel the husk off the corn, then cut the corn off the cobb. Divide the lettuce, tomatoes, corn and chicken on two plates, then drizzle with BBQ Sauce and dressing.


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