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Best Healthy Diets Plans For Weight-Loss

There are so many different diets out there today that you can choose from. From diets that are calorie controlled, to plant-based foods and raw unprocessed meat and vegetables!

Popular healthy diets aim to give you the same outcome in the end, a healthier body on the inside and out but it’s really all about finding the right diet to suit you and your lifestyle. Below is a list of popular healthy diets you should consider and learn about the interesting and unique benefits of each one and see which one is best fit for you.

Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet emulates the nutritional habits of people from countries such as southern Italy, Spain, southern France and European countries which border the Mediterranean Sea. This diet focuses mainly on eating plenty of plants, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and of course, olive oil as the main fat. It also permits moderate amounts of fish and poultry, cheese and yogurt for dairy options and low amounts of wine. It is a fun and healthy diet that is not too restricting. You don’t really feel like you’re on a diet because there is just so many different types of food you are actually allowed to eat!

The Paleo Diet
The paleo diet is based on eating foods that can be hunted or fished for, so think back to the times of the cave men. What could they fish and hunt for? Certainly not potato chips! The paleo diet consists of foods like: eggs, nuts and seeds, grass produced meats and seafood. It encourages you to eat less processed foods because they are usually high in sugar, which can be bad for you when not consumed in moderation. This diet is great for people who want to keep their insulin levels steady or prevent diseases such as diabetes because it is generally low in carbs and very high in protein.

The Raw Food Diet
The raw food diet is one of the most intriguing types, due to the different variations available. There are actually four main types of raw diets you can follow. These are: the raw vegetarian, raw vegan, raw carnivore and raw omnivore, which means you have interesting options to choose from. With this diet, you get to reap a higher percentage of the nutritional benefits because the nutrients have not been stripped away through cooking. A considerable amount of weight can be lost and research suggests that you have a better chance of preventing and fighting diseases when on this diet.

The Vegetarian Diet
There are four main vegetarian diets. These are: lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians and vegans. It is a plant based diet which does not include meat at all, however lacto and ovo vegetarians eat products (which come from animals) such as milk and honey. Vegetarians generally live longer, have a lower risk of developing cancer and they have a lower body weight.

The Vegan Diet
This is a diet that people choose not just for health reasons, but for animal rights and environmental reasons as well. It consists of virtually no meat or animal products and focuses on plants, seeds and nuts, which is the difference between vegetarianism and veganism. Similarly to the vegetarian diet, people are able to fight and prevent most diseases and have a lower body weight.

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