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Best Tasty Healthy Snacks For Anytime

You could be doing so well on your diet, abstaining from all the calorie-laden carbs and meat cooked with saturated fats, but when it comes to healthy snacks, I agree – it can be a little bit tricky. However, you do not need to worry because there are sweet tasty snacks you can eat without feeling guilty. Below is a roundup of them.

Fruit Salad
This is a classic healthy snack which is enjoyed by everybody and not just people who are watching their weight. You can always make your own variations using fruits you like. Plus, it wouldn’t be naughty to go for seconds.

Fruits contain natural sugars and are a healthier option than sweets and chocolates. Not only will you be satisfying your sweet tooth by snacking on fruit salads, you will also be getting plenty of fiber, nutrients and minerals. Fruits that are high in vitamin C can help fight infections and fruits such as bananas, which are high in fiber, give you energy and keep you fuller for longer.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is fun to indulge in because you tend to be satisfied with less as the flavour is so intense. It is surprisingly not sugar-laden and also contains antioxidants that can help lower the risk of heart disease. It’s always nice to nibble on a few pieces of dark chocolate because when you do, you’re never worried about it being bad for your health.

Frozen Grapes
Frozen grapes taste so delicious, it’s almost hard to believe that you can actually snack on them in abundance without feeling guilty.
When frozen, they are firm but still very easy to bite in to and they have a creamy consistency which makes it so luxuriously pleasant to eat. Grapes are small, sweet and good for curbing midday sugar cravings. Red grapes are richer in antioxidants which may slow or prevent many types of cancers.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Plain Greek yogurt is a healthy snack staple and every healthy eater should have a tub of this in their fridge. One cool thing about this protein rich snack is that you can liven it up by adding bits of fruit to it or sweeten it up by adding honey. Greek yogurt contains calcium and friendly bacteria which is good for your gut. This can be a simple and tasty snack, especially for kids, as it is easy for them to consume.

Kale Chips
These green low carb chips can be purchased or made at home. They are very easy to make and are ridiculously tasty. Snacking on kale chips will provide you with some important nutrients such as vitamin K, A and C. They are a great choice for improving and maintaining your eyesight and cardiovascular health.

Nuts and Seeds
Nuts are great to nibble on when you’re feeling peckish and are great snacks to keep on your desk at work. Cashew, peanuts and almonds are crunchy and high in essential unsaturated fats, while pistachios are not only tasty and can reduce your blood sugar spike after meal times, they also give you a boost of energy because they contain a lot of vitamin B.

Looking for some healthy snacks recipes looking no further.

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