Burong Isda


Burong Isda

Great recipe for Burong Isda (Fermented rice with fish). This is a traditional dish of kapampangan locals. usually served with boiled eggplant or mustard leaves.


*  ? kilo milkffreshwaterh water carp (well cleaned and scaled)
    * 2 cups cold rice, not burnt
    * 100 grams garlic (crushed)
    * 100 grams ginger (minced)
    * 100 grams red onion (chopped)
    * 6 lime wedges
    * Pinch of salt and pepper
      ? cup patis (fish sauce)
    * ? cup white vinegar
    * ? cup water


Procedures :
    1.  In a bowl, mix all ingredients by hand,        mashing everything well.
   2. Pour into a big mouthed bottle.
   3. Stick fishes into the bottle.
   4. Seal the bottle well and keep for 1-2 weeks
   5. After 2 weeks the fish should be ready.

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