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Can Cooking With Aluminum Foil Really Be Harmful?

After a long Fourth of July weekend of BBQ hopping and tons of grilled foods wrapped in aluminum foil one has to purpose the question: Can cooking with aluminum foil really be harmful?

I know it sounds absurd but hey any things possible, especially when it comes to down right cooking. But c’mon aluminum foil, something chefs have used for decades could very well lead to some serious negative effects while cooking with it.

According to a new study, wrapping and placing food in aluminum foil and putting it in the oven is a no no, because aluminum can leach as it cooks into the food. This is said to be very much true especially with foods that are acidic or spicy or even foods cooked at higher temperatures.

Based on researchers, the values are said to be unacceptable by World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Aluminum might be linked to some serious health risks: growth rate decrease, Alzheimer’s, slowing of brain cell growth and for patients with renal impairments or bone disease, they are at risk for more harm to be done within their bodies.

The study concluded that the “aluminum health effects are far too vast to even being summarized.”

Yes aluminum is found in other things like pots, cooking utensils and pans, but they are okay because they are usually coated with a layer that prevents aluminum from leaching. Researchers are also advising against disposable aluminum because they do not have that protective layer. But evidently you can store food for a limited time in cold temperatures, but it’s not recommended for a long period of time or the aluminum will start to leach into the food, which is still not good.

And just like that grilling season has become more and more interesting. Aluminum foil lovers I feel your pain, but use at your own risk.

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