Chinese Style Spareribs


Chinese Style Spareribs

Pork spare ribs are also popular in Chinese and American Chinese cuisine; they are generally called paigu (Chinese: pinyin: páigǔ, Cantonese: paint; literally “row of bones”). In County Cork, Ireland, pork or beef spare ribs are boiled and eaten with potatoes and turnips. This dish is called bodice locally.


1/2 c  butter or margarine
      1 md clove garlic *
      1    envelope soup mix **
     16 oz tomato puree
    1/2 c  brown sugar
    1/4 c  imported soy sauce ***
    1/4 c  white vinegar
    1/4 c  chili sauce
      5 lb spareribs ****


Procedures : * Garlic Clove should be finely chopped. ** You can use the following **
You can use the French Onion or Regular Onion soup mixes in this recipe.
*** For best taste use the imported soy sauce. **** Country style spareribs can
be used, but baby back ribs are the best.

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