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Food and Fashion: What’s Hot, and What Could Be….Well, Hotter

When it comes to both food and fashion, there’s one major thing that they both have in common: Trends. And with autumn here and winter sneaking up on us, this is known as perhaps the trendiest part of the year. So what’s hot?

Everything pumpkin, obviously. No female-styled autumn outfit composed of cognac-colored booties, a jean jacket and an earth-toned scarf is complete without a pumpkin spice latte in hand. And guys, even if you don’t want to admit it, we know you love those drinks too … (But we’ll let you pretend like they’re too “girly” for you). Once the weather hits below 70 degrees, people go crazy for their pumpkin. Pumpkin desserts, pumpkin bread, pumpkin drinks, pumpkin candles. I heard an employee at a local dollar store say the other day, “I’m surprised there’s no pumpkin scented toilet paper yet!” And I laughed because he was absolutely right.

Skinny jeans are out, thank god. The beginning of this fall was the perfect time for New York Fashion Week to make the big announcement: Skinny jeans are dead. Let’s face it – All of us that love to stuff our face around the holidays are thrilled to hear that we don’t have to worry about zipping up those dreaded tight pants. So please – Do it for New York Fashion Week because they basically said you could – Eat the extra sugar cookie at your cookie party. Boot leg is back!

Is Gluten Free Still A Thing? Although many think this trend has died down a little, the reality is – you’re just used to it now. Unfortunately for Celiacs like myself, hearing someone ask “Is the bread gluten-free?” when they’re 100% positive that it’s not, makes my ear hit my shoulder. Although there are people out there that can’t digest gluten, going “gluten-free” has been an ever-growing trend for the past few years. For reasons such as weight loss, healthier diets, and less digestive issues, tons of people have hopped on the bandwagon and tons of grocery stores now have a special gluten-free aisle. Luckily, there are more GF products sold in stores now than ever before, and new restaurants everyday are incorporating them into their menu items. So if you’re gluten-free and looking to make some trendy dishes for this time of year, you won’t have to search too hard – Luckily you’ll probably be able to find every ingredient you need.

Food and Fashion simply go hand in hand. It’s a psychological thing, they say, that when you’re dressed better, you feel like you should be eating better food. We get it, psychologists, sweatpants=Chipotle and dress pants=Steakhouse. If you show up to a 5-star restaurant in pajamas, you’ll be given the “you definitely don’t look nice enough to be eating this food” look. On the go, certain drinks go with certain outfits. Holding a Starbucks cup or a green smoothie changes the entire look. Food and fashion? A match made in heaven.

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