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How to Keep Kitchen Clean and Organized While Cooking

Wouldn’t it be nice to cook in a nice and tidy kitchen and not have to worry about the tasking ‘clean up’ at the end? We all dread the big clean up but be assured that there are several ways to do it, along with being resourceful.

An untidy kitchen takes more than just a basic wipe down and washing up the dishes to get things back in order after cooking. Below are some
cleaning kitchen tips to ensure resourcefulness and tidiness when cooking.

Preparation is key when cooking. Make sure you have all the ingredients and utensils you will need to cook, before you actually start. This will help you be more organised and save you the trouble of having to look through your cupboards. Preparation helps you get through cooking much smoother.

Use the same pots and pans
Not a fan of washing up? Then use the same pots and pans for your cooking.

Whenever I make a roast dinner, I boil my potatoes first then I boil my vegetables using the same water and saucepan. I also use the same water I use to boil my vegetables and potatoes to make my gravy. I really like this method of cooking because not only am I preventing the task of washing up three different saucepans, I am also saving water too. Plenty of Italian recipes require you to use the same saucepan for all your cooking which is a method you could adopt too.

Put rubbish in the bin straight away
Get into the habit of throwing away rubbish as soon as you make a mess. Believe me, it really does help you work better and save you the trouble of clearing up one big mess at the end. Also, put away each ingredient after use and neatly put the used utensils to the side and not in the sink. You may end up needing some utensils like your knife and spatula again so if you put it in the sink straight after using it, you will have to wash it before using it again.

Wipe up spillages as soon as they happen because it’s much easier to clean up when it’s fresh, compared you to when you leave it to dry and wipe it up when you’ve finished with your cooking.

Use left overs
Using left overs from yesterday’s dinner is a great way to minimize your time effectively when cooking. For example if you made a delicious korma sauce the night before and ate it with naan bread and you fancied it the next day with rice, all you would need to do is cook the rice, which literally only takes 10 minutes. You don’t really make that much of a mess either when you cook rice so using left overs can be a way of doing things whilst still keeping the kitchen tidy.

Making these little adjustments can help you save lots of time and energy. Cooking in a kitchen that is clean helps you operate better and get things done much more smoothly.

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