Hungarian Pastry


Hungarian Pastry

Walking around any Hungarian city, you might notice the numerous bakeries and pastry shops that you pass basically on every corner.This is a very good meal. If you want to cook in the house you can cook it if you follow our rules.



4 cup Flour
1 lb Margarine
4 x Egg yolks
8 oz Sour cream


Procedures: Use prune lekvar, solo filling, apricot preserves, or anything!!!!! Mix flour and oleo like pie dough. Add egg yolks to sour cream, and beat well.
Pour into flour mixture and blend with hands. Put on flat plate and over with oleo paper**, cover with dish cloth and put in the refrigerator OVERNIGHT!!!(important!!) Cut off a piece and roll to a square dough. cut squares, then put filling in the middle, shape it*** brush with egg yolk.
Put in 350 F oven and cook until golden brown (10-15 minutes)
** Oleo paper- cut a paper bag into a sheet slightly bigger than your plate. With the empty oleo wrapper, oil the brown paper. Cover dough with oiled side down!
***Cookies are shaped like this, two opposite corners fold together, fasten with a little water. After baking- dust with confectioner’s sugar.

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