Japanese Sushi


Japanese Sushi

Sushi is known for having high amounts of concentrated forms of omega-3 fatty acids. This is perhaps the most sought after and cited the benefit of sushi. These fatty acids act as a “good” form of cholesterol that helps to prevent clogged arteries.


1    cooked octopus
      1    cooked prawns
      1    raw tuna
      1    salmon
      1    salmon caviar
      1    japanese sticky rice
      1    lava seaweed
      1    wasabi
      1    asparagus
      1    shiitake mushrooms


Procedures : one: Pour cooked rice into a tray. Finely slice the salmon and the

Put the seaweed onto a sushi mat and press rice down onto it.

Slice the mushrooms and asparagus pieces and lay along the rice. Add the
wasabi. Roll the sushi and cut into slices. Serve with salmon caviar,
wasabi and soy.

Recipe two: Squeeze the rice into balls and press the prawns, tuna or
salmon into the top.

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