Kalderetang Kambing (Goat Kaldereta)


Kalderetang Kambing (Goat Kaldereta)

Kalderetang Kambing is goat meat stewed in tomato sauce. … Preparing goat meat requires some extra procedures compared to beef or pork. Since goat meat is gamy, a common practice to eliminate the odor and gamy flavor is to marinate it in vinegar, salt, and ground black pepper mixture for an hour or two before cooking.


# 1 kilo goat’s meat (cut into chunk cubes)
# Pinch of salt & pepper
# 1 cup vinegar
# 1 big head of garlic (minced)
# ? cup oil
# 1 small head of garlic (minced)
# 3 onions (minced)
# 12 pieces red tomatoes (diced)
# 5 tablespoons tomato paste
# 6 pieces hot chili pepper (minced)
# 8 cups stock
# ? kilo beef liver (minced)
# ? teaspoon Spanish paprika
# 2 red bell pepper (quartered)
# 2 green bell pepper (quartered)
# ? cup pitted green olives
# ? cup cooked chickpeas
# 1 cup grated cheese


Procedures :
# In a bowl, marinate meat in salt & pepper, vinegar and garlic for 2- 4 hours.
# In a casserole, brown meat and set aside.
# Saut? garlic, onion, tomatoes, and add in tomato paste, stir.
# Add in hot chili pepper and stock.
# Add in browned meat and bring to a boil.
# Allow simmering until meat is cooked and tender.
# Add in minced liver and Spanish paprika.
# Add in bell peppers, olives, chickpeas and grated cheese.
# Serve hot

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