Paksiw na Bangus


Paksiw na Bangus

Paksiw is a method of cooking by simmering meat or fish in vinegar and garlic. … This dish is very popular because it is so flavorful especially when cooked with chilies. Aside from frying, it is also the quickest and easiest way of cooking bangus.


  *  3 medium bangus (clean, scaled & halved)
    * 2 small ampalaya (quartered)
    * 2 small eggplants (quartered)
    * 1 small ginger (crushed)
    * 4 pieces long green pepper
    * 2 cups vinegar
    * 1 cup water
    * 1 teaspoon patis (fish sauce)


Procedures :
# In a casserole, arrange vegetables at the bottom.
# Add in bangus, long green pepper and ginger.
# Pour in vinegar and bring to a boil.
# Lower the heat and pour in water.
# Allow cooking and season with patis.
# Serve hot

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