Rough Puff Pastry


Rough Puff Pastry

Puff pastries are a distinct type of pastry that features layers of butter-covered dough rolled and folded over each other. Puff pastries are so named because they puff up when baked. They are not ideal for optimal health or weight loss diets, as they are high in calories and fat.


224 gm plain flour
84 gm lard
84 gm margarine
1 pch salt
8 tbl cold water (approx)


Procedures : Method
1 Sieve flour and salt together into a basin 2 Cut fat into small pieces and add to the flour 3 Using cold water; mix flour and fat to a stiff dough 4 Place dough onto a floured board and roll out to form an oblong 5 Fold pastry into three; firstly bring the top third over the centre third and fold the bottom third up over both layers 6 Half turn the pastry and roll out to an oblong 7 Repeat this process three to four times slightly resting the pastry for a few minutes between each rerolling 8 Leave pastry to rest in a cool place for 15-20 minutes before using 9 Roll out as required

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