Rules on submitting recipes on ExchangeBook

  1. Full-complete Recipes only w/ Photos
    • OK: Showing full recipe or any angle view of the dish.
    • NOT OK: No photo, low quality photo, distorted photos or photos that don’t compliment the recipe.
  2. Your picture for the recipe must be clearly visible
    • OK: Editing photos for better visibility.
    • NOT OK: Over colorized, blurry, unfocused or poorly-lit looks.
    • NOT OK: An object, person or text is obstructing your recipe.
  3. We recommend posting your own original dishes/recipes, if you do decide to share another persons recipe try not to forget to acknowledge your source as we are not liable for any infringingcontent you post on our platform, when you use our site you agree to these terms and conditions.
    • OK: Original recipes, photos and content.
    • NOT OK: You do not acknowledge source of content or recipe, taking ownershipof a recipe that doesn’t belong to you.
  4. Only one dish per recipe
    • OK: Members that post different views of the restaurant.
    • NOT OK: Multiple recipes in one post.


  1. No spam
  2. No copyright infringing content
  3. No nudity or offensive material
  4. No photos of children (under the age of 13)