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The Best Keto Drinks at Starbucks

Starbucks is an international coffeehouse, which offers the best type of keto coffee drinks for espresso drinks. It was founded in 1971, in Seattle, Washington DC. They have numerous stores where they sell their handcrafted beverages, coffee, tea, and other fresh foods.

The company also sells its foods and drinks through grocery, accounts for food service and other licensed stores. The main objective of the company is to stand out as the most respected brand across the globe. 

Cold Brew with Coconut

Ordering Low Carb Keto Drinks at Starbucks
Before ordering your drink, it is good to note that Starbucks permits you to customize any of your keto starbucks drink order. It is good to know what you want in your order so that you can be specific in your order. Most drinks are sweetened with higher levels of sugar.

In your order, you can ask if there is classic (it has sweetener) or no classic. Some keto coffee drinkers like to ask “is a latte Keto?” The answer is sometimes.  It really depends on the way you are approaching the diet.  Limiting the sugar and overall carbs will make it fit into a Keto diet easily.

The flavored syrups have sugar packed in them e.g. peppermint mocha, low carb caramel macchiato or sugar free vanilla latter along with milk and espresso. If you are trying to cut the carbs, it is advisable to avoid this. You may prefer your drink to have dairy or almond milk.

It is preferred you go for the almond milk because it has a smaller amount of carbs. The size of your order matters, if it’s more you would expect 5g to 7g of carbs. The whipped cream has sugar or vanilla syrup. This also contains a lot of carbs. You can also prefer to stay away from it. 

Starbucks offers sugar-free syrups. This is a better way to sweeten your order without the addition of any carbs. It is good to note that the syrup has artificial sweeteners like sucralose. When heated it forms possible carcinogens. If you prefer artificial sweeteners, it can be a good option since of low carbs. The flavor is in several choices, for example, Sugarfree caramel, sugarfree vanilla, Sugarfree cinnamon dolce, and sugarfree hazelnut. 

Low Carb Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

You might want to have an order sugar free and with no syrups. You can consider taking the spacebar. The various selection can include pumpkin spice, cocoa powder, nutmeg, and cinnamon dolce syrup. You can also prefer to use stevia in your order.

Stevia has advantages in its ability to be able to aid in lowering of blood pressure, control diabetes, protect oral health, preventing some form of cancer, skin care, developing strong bones and helps in weight loss. You can come along with a fruit packet to sweeten your drink in Starbucks. 

Starbucks has a lot of concentrates, powders and prepared mixes such as lemonade, green tea latte mix, chai tea latte mix, and refreshments. These drinks are usually pre-sweetened with sugar. To fit a keto lifestyle, you can avoid them since of the much sugar in them. 

The milk in your Starbucks drink order also matters. About 3 percent of milk is added to tea lattes and espresso drinks. Non-fat milk has few calories but has 10-23g of net carbs in every drink, so you may prefer avoiding such. You can choose breve for your order.

It is half-half which contains very little carbs in it for smaller drinks. Heavy cream is the best option has no carbs and level of calories is high. It is pure fat thus makes your drink awesome and deliciously rich. For a less creamy order, you can ask for barista. 

Amazing Keto-friendly Drinks at Starbucks
If you are on a keto diet, it is important to consider taking drinks that are keto-friendly. The best keto startbucks drink are as discussed below. 

Keto Latte
The Latte contains steamed milk, a foam layer, and espresso. It has fewer carbohydrates, as compared to other keto starbucks drinks. It is prepared by pouring some drops of espresso into a cup, then milk and finally a top layer of foam. It is a favorite drink to many people, with its favorable taste. 

Caffe Misto
Caffe Misto is a one-to-one mix of steamed milk and brewed keto coffee. It is commonly known by some Starbucks customers as café au lait. For espresso fans, it tastes like a latte. You can opt to use heavy cream than the milk which is mostly used. Alternatively, you can use a 50-50 mix of hot water and cream. This will give you a perfect blend. 

Low Carb Americano
Taking a healthy diet goes a long way in keeping your body healthy. You should consider taking healthy means to boost your immune system at all times. With this, a low carb Americano is the way to go. Ingesting drinks with low carbs helps to prevent cases of obesity and other health problems that result from high carbs. 

Ice Pineapple Tea
This is also a very safe drink to take. There are several flavors including the unsweetened ones. If you are a fun of pineapple drinks, this is a perfect choice. 

Low- carb London Fog
This drink is prepared using a vanilla syrup, Earl tea from Combo and steamed milk. You should use a sugar-free vanilla syrup, to make it keto friendly. It is such a delicious drink; it is indeed a favorite to many. 

Fresh Brewed Coffee
As well, the freshly brewed coffee is keto friendly. It is a healthy drink; you should go for it if you are a fun of brewed keto coffees. For keto dieters, one can go for the flavors with zero carbs and sugars, to ensure that they don’t add calories in their body. 

Low-Carb Mocha
Starbucks offers a standard mocha with steamed milk, whipped cream, chocolate syrup with sugar and shots of espresso. There are various flavors, which you are free to take depending on your taste. 

Low- Carb Caramel Macchiato

Low- Carb Caramel Macchiato
The Caramel Macchiato offered at Starbucks has shots of espresso, steamed milk, a sweet drizzle of Caramel and vanilla syrup. Since it is not keto-friendly, you should ask for sugar-free vanilla syrup, to reduce the carb content. 

In a nutshell, Starbucks offers numerous espresso drinks that are keto-friendly. If you are on or ready to start keto diet, you can order any of the above drinks, following the above guidelines. It is important to stick to keto diet goals, to be able to achieve each successively. You should always be free to know what you want.

This will make your order be customized with your needs. You will be happy and maintain a low carb diet and choose the best Starbucks Keto Drink.

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