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Tips to Achieve The Perfect Grill Marks Every Time

Grill marks are purely a matter of aesthetics, but sometimes you just want that wow picture perfect steak that you see on Instagram and other social media platforms. Here’s how we do it at Po Boys! This only applies to higher-heat methods of cooking.

Step 1: Heat. Make your grill is screaming hot so you get a good sear on your meat. However, make sue to keep a cool zone, where you can move your pieces of meat to finish cooking after you mark those bad boys up just right.

Step 2: Lubricate. Make sure your food and grates are oiled up, without going overboard of course.

Step 3: Placement. Set your food on the grill grates at about a 45 degree angle or say pointing to 10 o’clock. Sear rotate a quarter turn or to 7 o’clock and sear again. Flip again angling the meat 45 degrees. Pointing this time to 2 o’clock. Sear, then rotate 90 degrees. Move to the cool side to cook.

Voila!  There goes those beautiful grill marks you’ve been waiting for. Works every time!

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