Weekly Meal Prep Ideas For Your Family

Meal prep for your family should be handled long before you actually need to make your next dinner. Consider how easy it will be to plan all your meals when you use the tips listed below. You family will eat extremely well if they are fed with meals that you prepared a couple days in advance.

You can make something amazing every day, and you do not need to spend all your time standing over the stove. You should use these few prep ideas to get most of your food ready in an afternoon. 

1. Cook Off All Meat Ahead Of Time 

You can cook all your ground meat long before you need to use it, and you can freeze that beef until you need it. You can sear your steaks before they need o be cooked, and you can bake your chicken a few days before it will be used in your dishes.

Remember that cooking this meat does not take much time, you do not need to season it, and you can use the oven to cook off this meat quickly. 

2. Make Soups 

Weekly meal prep ideas include making soup long before you need it. The soups that you make can be cooked on the stove for a couple hours while you do something else, and you can store that soup for later.

You can leave a canister of the soup in the fridge to keep it cool, or you could put the soups in the freezer. These soups are ready to go, and they can be heated in just a few minutes. 

3. Make Mixed Salads 

You can make your mixed salad in the morning, and that salad will sit in a container int he fridge all day. You can make your salad dressings to sit in the fridge. These dressings are very easy to make, and they will last for a long time because they are so acidic.

If you need to make salads for the whole family, you can make them the night before you will take them to work. 

4. Leftovers 

Professional chefs learn how to use leftovers because they will always have extra food lying around. Because of this, you need to have many different leftover options. The leftover options that you use should be made in a pan or pot in just a couple minutes.

You need to have these recipes ready when you do not have time to cook all afternoon. 

5. Bake 

You can bake things in the oven that do not take long to prepare, and you can store these things in the freezer. The frittatas, muffins, and biscuits that you use for dinner can be baked many days in advanced, and they will keep in the freezer. 

6. Conclusion 

These meal prep ideas will help you feed your family amazing things every day. You do not need to spend all your time in the kitchen, and you can make a whole week’s worth of meals in just one day.

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