What is the Difference Between Coffee and Espresso

Coffee And Espresso Are Completely Different 

A lot of times people cannot understand the difference between coffee and espresso. Yes, both fall into the same category as coffee, but they both have quite a different taste and overall feeling.

Espresso Machine Making quick shots

Espresso coffee beans differs from regular coffee beans. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that espresso coffee beans are roasted until they carry a dark and oily type of look.

The timing is a lot different, making espresso coffee brewing time made a lot shorter rather than regular coffee, and there is a specific espresso machine that is used to make espresso rather than regular coffee. 

What Is Espresso Coffee? 

Espresso coffee is roasted a lot darker and is considered a lot stronger than drinking a regular cup of coffee, and they are also made and packed into little cups to drink out of. Companies who make espresso coffee tend to use a specific type of espresso machine that will generate up to 15 times more pressure of hot water that is used through the coffee ground.

While the espresso is packed into a filtered basket used to make the coffee, this is actually compacted extremely tight compared to regular coffee.

Regular coffee is usually loose grinds and are not packed tight at all compared to espresso. Espresso usually drains out in a very dark color and also looks a bit on the thick side. After this drains, there is also a small amount of cream that is poured on top, giving forth the perfect shot of espresso. 

What Is Regular Coffee? 

When someone orders a regular cup of coffee, the color will be a bit on the lighter side, and not thick at all. Coffee is usually a lot of water filtered through the coffee grounds, and when the grounds are put in the filter, you will notice the coffee grounds flowing about more loosely compared to espresso.

Espresso uses less water making the shot a bit on the more powerful side, compared to coffee using a lot of water to filter through to make the perfect cup.

Regular coffee is always made in a larger cup then espresso, and is not served as a “shot”. Coffee is a bit more watered down and isn’t as powerful compared to espresso. A lot of people prefer drinking coffee over espresso because of the smooth texture compared to the thickness of espresso, and espresso usually doesn’t allow sugar and creamer flavors that can also be added for extra taste like regular coffee does.

You can find french vanilla flavors, chocolate flavors, mint flavors, and several other flavors that can be added into regular coffee, and most occasions espresso costs more money than regular coffee.

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